Photo of My Handwriting

I always change my handwriting. I guess I never have an exact handwriting style since.. I can write.

I fond beautiful, simple and clean handwriting. If I found someone’s style that I like, I usually write like their style, use it for several times until I got my style.. and will change it once I found another beautiful style.

Throughout junior and high school, I change my handwriting for many times. Because of this, I’m not really confident with my handwriting, but capital letter. My handwriting is always simple, small and thin. One time my friend said that my handwriting is like, “worms that going out from the ground.” I die laughing XD

Here is photo of my handwriting in Korean that I recently upload in commemorating Hangul (Korean Letter) Day.


Oh, I’m into typography and calligraphy these days. I double taps on these character a lot through Instagram :)

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An Average Day

Today might be An Average Day in Blog Challenge, but it’s not. Today is the day when I was born. The day that makes October is always interesting to look up to :)

_DSC0083-cropAt 00:30 my sister sangs me a Korean birthday song and gave me these lovely carrot cupcakes.

But despite of all beauty and thoughtful birthday wishes and all the birthdays, this one is probably the most.. unbirthday. Not in a bad way.

Birthday is starting to become more of a reflection than a celebration. As if my year does not start on the 1st of January. It starts on the 14th of October. That makes October is always interesting.

It does not mean that birtday has lost its meaning. It still is something special to me. Its just that I no longer associate it with festivity. I’m still gonna help myslef some cake though. and I think you should too.