Both me and my sister are fans of Anne Frank story. When we had the chance to visit Amsterdam, Anne Frank House was in our priority of places to visit – still now. But the queue was just too long to wait because we need to catch the next train to Erfurt. We were so close yet still too far!

Finally we can catch the glimpse of what’s inside through The Fault in Our Stars movie. Until next time..

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From the top of Borobudur with #DeakinAbroad and #IPBuddy troops. Selfie stick rules!

There goes the first half of the year. We’ve been having so much fun :)

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My very last project in IP UII: bittersweet.

One week full of fun and love. Meeting new family #DeakinAbroad and bounding closer with #IPBuddy family.

I thank everybody for your great support. Love you baby xo – with Febri T.I, Kinanti Dyah, Rezha, Arif, alldila, Siti, Anandya, Andy, Dyan, Afra, and Hanif

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