20 Facts about Me

I have posted the #20FactsAboutMeChallenge in Instagram after being tagged by few friends (and pay the respect by tagging another 20 friends, haha). But due to my cruelty some accident (and update), it turns out some of my pictures are in disappearing act.  So, I will post the second round of the challenge here and this goes to Day 1 of 31 Day Blog Challenge.

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OctoberFest: 31 Day Blog Challenge

I always try to update my blog when October arrive (see here and some reflections during birthday here and here). But this year, I’m gonna update and try new thing. Throughout October, I will be running the 31 Day Blog Challenge: 31 days to clean up, grow and improve my blog. Also restart my habit to write. During my most favorite month, I will be sharing my 31 things, opinions and favorites.

“Do something for 30 days and it becomes a habit,” we often hear and say. It is easy to educate others and all that jazz, but why aren’t we practicing what we preach? No more excuses! Today is the day that things around here are going to change. And I’m excited about what I’ll learn during this 31 days process.. with or without reader.

Challenge accepted!

xo, Chandri Negara